Panna national park

In Panna National Park you can admire some of the most interesting species of wildlife in India including the famous Indian tigers. Jungle safari in this nature reserve is an exciting experience.

Panna National Park

Panna National Park is located in Madhya Pradesh, about 57 km from Khajuraho. In the region it is possible to admire some of the most interesting species of wildlife of India. The park is known all over the world for its wild animals, including tigers, deer and antelopes.
Thanks to its proximity to one of the most famous Indian tourist attractions such as Khajuraho, the park is known as a very popular passing destination.
The climate of the region is tropical. Summers are the best time to visit the park or when you are most likely to encounter exclusive wildlife.
Winters are cold and comfortable and the temperature generally remains below 25 ° C.

Main attractions of the Panna National Park
The tiger, the king of the jungle, wanders freely in this safe habitat along with its predatory rivals: the leopard, the wolf and the hyena.
The tiger has its favorite habitat in rocky areas and undisturbed valleys. The wooded areas are populated by sambar, the largest of Indian deer, chital and chowsingha. You can easily see nilgai and chinkara in the most open areas of the meadows, particularly at the ends of the park.
The avifauna includes more than 200 species including many species of migratory birds. You can spot the white stork, the Bavarian goose, the honey Buzzard, the vulture of the King, the Parakeet with the flower, the flycatcher of Paradise, and the Slaty to name a few.
Here they find varieties of snakes, including the python and other reptiles.
The dominant type of vegetation is the variety of dry deciduous forests with lawn areas.

Safari in the jungle
Jungle safari in this nature reserve is an exciting experience. The jeep passes through the dense teak forests and the picturesque gorges. You can admire the diversity of flora and fauna including unique animals such as spotted deer or chital, black buck, the Indian gazelle or the panther.
As for the vegetation of the park, you will find different types of plants unique in their kind. In addition to being a haven for wildlife fanatics, the national park also boasts a spectacular natural beauty with its gorges and waterfalls.

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