Travel services in India

We can offer a lot of travel service in the main attractions of India as your request. Hotel and restaurant booking and activities.

Travel services in India

We always give you a professional service with our personal touch to all clients so you will go home with happy memories.

Planning your trip
We can design a complete itinerary for you including suggestions of our favourite places and things to see.
Our company can also book all your accommodation and transport that you need.

During your trip
Our service start when our driver meet you at the airport and escort you to your destination.
We'll drive you from each destination to the next - unless you prefer a train or bus which we can also arrange for you.
We'll recommend great places to see and escort you to wonderful restaurants and others interisting things to do in India (yoga lessons, Ayurvedic treatments ecc).

Food and hotel accommodation
Yes of course we can arrange for you hotel reservations and give you tips for good restaurants in all the cities that we serve.

Our guided tours
Your driver will travel and accompany the guests throughout the tour.
A tour guide in India must have a valid guiding license from the Government of India, where they have to compete an exam and undergo 6 months theoretical and practical training.
Weassist you with check-in / check-out at the hotels, as well as guide you through and explain the history of monuments, places, culture, traditions and customs of the Indian people.

Private Driver service
A private driver is not your tour guide, as they are not allowed to enter monuments and show you around. A tour driver's primary job is to drive you safely and smoothly from one place to another.
They can of course take you to good restaurants, nice places, and up to the monument ticket window, as well as give you relevant information about your tour.
Your driver will wait until you finish the visit of any particular monument, and will take care of your luggage and belongings.
The cost for the car, their food and accommodation will always be included in the driver’s fee.

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