Srinagar in Kashmir

Srinagar is one of the best mountain resorts of India famous for its gardens and lakes.

Srinagar Dal lake

Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir, is one of India's top hill stations and is a favorite destination of Indian tourists.
A place of splendid natural beauty, it's often referred to as the "Land of Lakes and Gardens" or the "Switzerland of India".

Srinagar's extensive, well-manicured gardens date back to the Mughal era. They're abundant with bright blooms and stunning vistas. Start with Shalimar Bagh, which Mughal Emperor Jehangir built for his wife in 1619. Next, visit Nishat Mughal Garden (Garden of Gladness), which borders Dal Lake. It was constructed in 1634 after Shah Jahan became the Emperor of India. Head up to historic Pari Mahal palace gardens for fabulous sunset views over Dal Lake and Srinagar. On the way you'll pass the Botanical Garden, where the famous Tulip Festival is held every April, and Chashme Shahi Gardens.
If you want a more tranquil experience, it's best to avoid going there on Sundays. Naseem Bagh (Garden of Morning Breeze) is spectacular during Fall/Autumn when the leaves of its thousands of Chinar trees turn bright orange and red. Also not to be missed is the lesser-known and more peaceful Badamwari Garden, particularly during Spring (from mid March) when its almond trees are in full bloom.

One of the highlights of a trip to Srinagar is spending time on its interconnected lakes -- Dal Lake, and the smaller and quieter Nigeen Lake. More than 1,000 houseboats float upon these lakes. They first appeared in colonial times as the British weren't allowed to own land. The houseboats are stationary but it's still a once-in-a-lifetime experience to spend a night or two on one.

What to see in Srinagar in Kashmir
Dal lake
The jewel of Srinagar, the Dal lake is synonymous to a visit to Srinagar and almost a visual definition to the town. Spread over a straggling 26 sq.kms, it is the most photogenic stretch of this instance of paradise on earth and undoubtedly also the most sought after of attractions.

Shikara rides
The paramount reason why people come to Srinagar is for the relaxing and memorable Shikara rides. Taking the ride across the scenic Dal Lake at the backdrop of the majestic slow clad Himalaya's is indeed an experience in itself both enjoyable and unparallel.

Mughal gardens
Built in the Mughal time, donning its majestic architecture, are the Mughal gardens. The garden is a combination of the Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Gardens & Chashm-e-Shahi. The most prominent feature of the gardens its long stretches of cascading fountains makes this a must see for every traveler.

Nishant Bagh
The Nishant Bagh, also known as the Garden of Joy, it's a beauty is enhanced by the well-manicured landscapes, long avenues of Chinar & cypress trees, rare flowering plants, 12 terraces & several bubbling fountains that's cover the whole expanse of the garden.

Shalimar Bagh
Shalimar Bagh is one of a beautifully laid garden by Mughal emperor Jahangir. Exhibiting the exemplary craftsmanship of Mughals in horticulture, the place is quite popular with tourists from all over the world.

Hazratbal Mosque
Hazratbal Mosque, situated on the western shore of the pristine Dal Lake, is a very sacred Muslim shrine in Hazratbal. Hazratbal's special significance is derived from the fact that it houses a heir of the prophet Muhammad, a relic, titled Moi-e-Muqqadas.

A famous tourist destination, Baramulla's charm lies in its untouched beauty. Having close proximity to Srinagar, Baramulla drives towards itself hordes of tourists each year.

Considered by some as the best place in Jammu and Kashmir, mostly because of its undisturbed landscape, a less frequented but extremely beautiful hill station, Yusmarg is now connected by a very good motorable road. With the government working on its roads and connectivity, Yusmarg too, will soon become a tourist hub. At the moment, for those who enjoy trekking long distances and in the remotest of area, Yusmarg has forests with maple trees in them. Overall, Yusmarg is a beautiful place and can actually be called a mini hill stationed is a one of the most romantic places in the state.
At a distance of 47 kms from Srinagar, it can also be called Switzerland or at least something close to it. It's the quietest place out of all tourist destinations in Kashmir and is also an amazing trek spot. Trek enthusiasts would definitely love it here! If you want to enjoy some greenery and peace.

Challi Point
Challi Point is one of the most trendy and popular places in Srinagar. With the Dal lake in the backdrop, this place bustles with both tourists and locals spending some enjoyable time amidst breathtaking sceneries.

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