Kargil is a transit city leading to Leh, Padum and Srinagar. The picturesque Suru Valley is the main attraction.

Suru Valley

Kargil is the second largest town of Ladakh after Leh, situated on the banks of Indus river. This town has a population most of them are a mix of Dard and Tibetan descent. It is a transit city leading to Leh, Padum and Srinagar. There a number of monasteries here which even play host to several annual festivals.
It is a Muslim-dominated town in the Kargil district and the entry point by road into Zanskar valley of Ladakh. The picturesque Suru Valley is the main attraction.

What to visit in Kargil
Suru Valley
The Suru valley is the most fertile valley in Ladakh as it recieves more moisture than the rest of the region. The valley is also home to many different communities and historical sites. In addition, the area is famous for its potential for adventure sports. You can trek the hills of this valley but it requires you to be fit enough to keep up to the challenge. In fact, the famous Nun and Kun peaks of the Suru valley sees many professionals around the year trying to reach the summit.

Rangdum Monastery
The Rangdum Monastery belongs to the Geugspa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Located at the remote end of Suru valley, just before the Kargil-Padum Road climbs to Pensi-la and into Zanskar valley. This 200-year old monastery includes a museum that houses important religious artifacts. Step into this monastery to feel a heavenly calmness. Due to its remoteness, the monastery has retained its wild beauty. The views of the valley from this place is fascinating. You get to see snow-clad mountain ranges and narrow road passes.

Zoji La
At 3528-meters, Zoji la is relatively low by Himalayan standards. It is however an important watershed between the Himalayan region of Kashmir and the Trans Himalayan region of Ladakh. The road over this pass is an important connection between Ladakh and the rest of India. As one crosses between the alpine valley of Kashmir and the cold desert region of Ladakh, it is at this pass that one bears witnesses to several different biological zones in the span of a few kilometres. There are many different cultural legends and stories attached to this pass, including ones about lovers and demons, and the origins of its name.

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