There is no better choice, to explore the historic city of Fort Kochi, than to walk, in its neighborhoods rich in history and oriental charm embellished by colonial domination.

Chinese fishing nets

There is no better choice, to explore the historic city of Fort Kochi than to go walking. Relax, take deep breaths and go out with cotton clothes, comfortable shoes and a straw hat. In every corner of Kochi there is something fun that awaits you. It is a world of its own, preserving examples of a bygone era of history is still very proud. If you smell of the past, nothing can stop you once you start walking along the streets of Kochi.

Top attractions to visit in Kochi
Chinese fishing nets
The iconic Chinese fishing nets, undoubtedly the most recognizable sight of Kochi, are there from the fourteenth century and are still in use today. The local fisherman will show you how they are used in exchange for a small tip. In the late afternoon, head for the promenade, where the nets line the shore, buy some fish and cook it in a nearby shack and enjoy it while the sun sets.

Mattancherry and Dutch Palace
Mattancherry is an old picturesque neighborhood in Fort Kochi full of colonial buildings. A fascinating show if you are interested in the history of Kerala. The main attraction is the Dutch palace, built by the Portuguese and presented to the Raja of Kochi in 1555, then renewed by the Dutch in 1663. The grandeur that one would expect from a palace is missing. Still, there is a small museum and some works of art within which paintings of former king beautiful murals of the Hindu epics.

Jewish synagogue
Located in a picturesque area called the Jewish City, in the center of the Kochi spice trade, the air is full of the energetic masala breeze.
You can spend time wandering the streets and lanes and exploring antique shops. It is a favorite district for photography.
The local Jewish population has been overtaken by an influx of Kashmir shopkeepers who sell their goods to tourists, yet the synagogue is still in use. Its interior is resplendent with chandeliers, its beautiful golden pulpit and the beautiful floor tiles.

Church of San Francesco
This historic church, located near Princess Street is considered the oldest church built in India. It is always the case to interpret the role of Vasco de Gama, who died a Kochi in 1524 (his remains were later reported in Portugal). The church was originally built by the Portuguese in 1503, was claimed by the Dutch and the English, before passing into Indian hands.

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